Every story with a simple beginning must have a fantastic finale. “US Book Press” gives you a basic start but helps you attain the spectacular finale your book deserves.

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US Book Press offers a professional editing to boosts the quality of your manuscripts before publishing. It emphasizes evaluating and proofreading your galley

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In US Book Press, Print marketing is not just about presenting your book to the public but it is communicating and meaningfully catch the attention of all your audiences. As well as it will be more engaging between you and your readers.

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To create and validate the worthiness of your book, our Book Review Services specially made for our authors

It instantly builds the credibility and image for your book. Book with review will gain attention and trusts of the audiences in a way they will prefer the books with reviews on it. Aside from that, it will maximizes your book’s exposure and creates opportunities for engagement between you and your audiences.

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Online Marketing will be effective and efficient for any published author to do.

 With a single post, it quickly reaches a wide range of online audience and readers by tapping in to the billions of social media active users. It also provides the maximum exposure and visibility, audience engagement, and over-all increase readership by promoting author’s book.

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