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A single story is worth publishing Together, let us turn your ideas into a book

We, US Book Press provide a smooth-sailing publishing journey for our authors. US Book Press gives aspiring writers a chance to publish their works for a time convenient and pocket-friendly publishing packages.

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PublishingPackages Standard Ebook Standard Paper Back Standard Combo Standard Trio Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Black and White🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸
Kindle Distribution🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸
Paper Back Distribution🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸
Hard Back Distribution 🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸
Author's Royalty100%100%100%100%100%100%100%100%100%
Book Cover Images🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸
Interior Layout Design🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸
Book Cover Design🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸
Book Cover Revision223UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Author's Paper back copy🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸
Author's Hard back copy🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸
Author's Images🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸
100% Author's Rights🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸
Set Your Own Price🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸
Worldwide Distribution🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸
Amazon Distribution🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸🗸
Proofreading & Copyediting70,000 Words150,000 WordsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Author's Online Page🗸🗸🗸
Author's Book Video Marketing🗸🗸
Developmental & Line Editing🗸🗸
Data Entry🗸