Is publishing during this pandemic worth it?

With the world’s situation right now, everyone’s plan was set aside because of this pandemic. No matter what kind of industry you belong, surely affected by our current situation. We are left with no choice but to take a pause and wait until we can freely gasp the air without worries. Many things changes in just one blink of an eye. Years passes by, were still battling with the enemy we could not see. One thing that I had realized throughout this pandemic is to “Keep moving forward”. Always work hard for the things you wanted to achieve but work harder for the things you are passionate.

Do it when you still can because you would not know when would be your last.

Publishing industry was affected this pandemic but many authors are still choosing to publish during this time. No matter how pandemic affects everything, including many aspiring writers that desires to be published authors. Many writers used pandemic as a relevant content for their books. They used this as an inspiration and not as hindrance to stop writing. Every authors are uniquely different from each other. It only means that every author had its own identity with his or her works. They will surely standout with the right help provided. It is not about the right time at the right place but it is about taking chances as much as possible.

So if you will ask me, is publishing during this pandemic worth it?

My answer would be, YES.
It is not about waiting for the right time to come but it is all about creating your own opportunity and make the best out of it. Imagine if you will be waiting for pandemic to be over, you are just wasting your time and not just that, you also waste every opportunity that you could grab all these years. Don’t let pandemic be the hindrance to publish your creations. Let the world know your book exist.

“Life is not about matter of chances but it is about matter of choices”

Do not wait for luck to come to you but create your own. You are your own luck that surely creates your own success story. For anyone who is reading this, “Always remember that all we do in life are about the choices we made.